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  • Jan

    Vacation programs at Sandeepani

    The first batch of students recently completed a Vacation Training program "Designing with FPGA" at Sandeepani. The 10-day program saw 15 undergraduate and post-graduate students from Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu go through lively and interactive sessions on Advanced Digital Design, VHDL and FPGA tool flow using Vivado.

    As part of the program, participants worked on designing mini projects comprising basic building blocks of digital systems, writing the VHDL code for those blocks and implementing them on a ZedBoard. The participants showed a lot of enthusiasm and excitement while working hands-on with the tools and hardware.

    At the end of the course all participants shared a common sentiment: that the course helped reinforce the basics that they have learnt as part of their academic curriculum, gave them an insight into the FPGA design flow, and exposed them to industry-standard hardware and software. Ms. Sadiya Arshad, National Manager, CoreEL University Program and Sandeepani handed over course certificates.

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