Vacation Internship


Designing with FPGA and Object Oriented Programming with C++ and Python

Duration : 4 Weeks

Venue: Sandeepani, Koramangala (Bengaluru)

Course Description:
Sandeepani offers 4-week Vacation Internship Program for students currently doing their B.E/B.Tech, M.E./M.Tech in Electronics/ Electrical/ Telecommunication/ Computer Science engineering. This program is specifically designed with an objective to spark an interest in core electronics, specifically in the VLSI domain with industry level complexity. The program provides insight into fundamentals of the concepts necessary to build a strong foundation. The participants will get an opportunity to work on projects during the course.

All participants will be awarded a certificate upon successful completion of the program. This will be of tremendous value on their resume.

Seats will be allotted on first-come-first-serve basis.


• Basic knowledge of Digital Electronics

Eligibility criteria:

• Pursuing B.E/B.Tech, M.E./M.Tech in Electronics and Communication /Instrumentation/Electrical Engineering

Course Fee:

• INR 10,000 (inclusive of tax)

Course duration:

•4 weeks, Monday – Friday (June & July)

Course Outline:


Module Title

What You Learn

(2 Days)

Advanced Digital Design

  • Introduction to registers and counters
  • Synchronous Finite State Machine Design
  • Data-path elements - Arithmetic Structures
  • Introduction to Programmable Platforms
  • Design Capture and Simulation
  • Practical Digital System Design Examples

(4 Days)


  • Hardware Modeling Overview
  • Verilog language concepts
  • Modules and Ports
  • Dataflow Modeling
  • Introduction to Test benches
  • Operators
  • Procedural Statements
  • Controlled Operation Statements
  • Coding for Finite State Machines
  • Coding For Synthesis

(4 Days)


  • FPGA Design Flow - Xilinx Vivado tool Flow, Reading Reports
  • Optimal FPGA Design - HDL Coding Techniques for FPGA,
  • FPGA Design Techniques, Synthesis Techniques, Implementation Options on Zynq- Boards


Course Project

  • Integrated

(5 Days)

C++ Programming

  • Introduction to Object Oriented Programming
  • First C++ program
  • Data and variables
  • I/O and Control statements
  • Functions - default arguments, function overloading, pass by value and pass by reference
  • Classes - access specifiers
  • This Pointer
  • Constructors, Destructors
  • Dynamic Memory Allocation (DMA)
  • Copy Constructor
  • Exceptions
  • Static data, Static Functions
  • Inheritance - Mode of Inheritance, Single Inheritance, Multilevel inheritance, Multiple Inheritance
  • Operator Overloading

(5 Days)

Python Programming

  • Introduction, Invoking Python, Executing a script
  • Indentation, Data types, Variables, Operators
  • Input/ Output statements
  • Control Statements
  • Functions, function overloading, default and variable length arguments
  • Namespaces, Global and local variables
  • OO Concepts - class, attributes, methods - init, del
  • Operator overloading
  • Inheritance
  • Abstract classes

Course venue:

Sandeepani School of Embedded System Design,
CoreEL Technologies (I) Pvt. Ltd.,
21, 7th Main, I Block, Koramangala, Bangalore – 560034

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